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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bawal Tiara

~Cara Pemakaian Bawal Tiara~

~Bawal Tiara ketika dipakai~

~Bawal Tiara dari pandangan atas~

~Bawal Tiara sebelum di pakai~

~Bawal Tiara Putih - BT 001~

~Bawal Tiara Putih~

~Bawal Tiara Putih~

~Bawal Tiara Merah - BT 002~

~Bawal Tiara Dark Grey - BT 003~

~Bawal Tiara Light Grey - BT 004~

~Bawal Tiara Blue - BT 005~

~Bawal Tiara Mudd Green - BT 006~

~Bawal Tiara Blue - BT 005/2~

~Bawal Tiara Pink - BT 007~

~Collection of Bawal Tiara~

~Bawal Tiara Dusty Pink - BT 008~

~Bawal Tiara Light Brown - BT 009~

~Bawal Tiara Putih - BT 001/2~

~Bawal Tiara Pink - BT 007/2~
Bawal Tiara kini di pasaran. Inovasi tudung bawal ke bentuk dan rekaan yang lagi unik untuk kaum wanita sekalian. Jahitan batu Swarovski dan manik di atas bawal menampakkan rekaannya tampak exclusive dan elegance. Harga Bawal Tiara ini ialah RM 200 untuk setiap satu.
Untuk maklumat lanjut dan pembelian sila hubungi saya di talian; 019-9529551 (Eija). Cepat dapatkan dengan segera Bawal Tiara buat julung kalinya di pasaran domestik.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Seeking for a jOb!!

Almost 3 months i ended my studied and yet i dun even get a job...hmmm...wats a boring life witout work and job... i'm really missing the hectic work during my studies...

Anyway, i'd like to share wit all the bloggers bout my new task...Teak Furniture...anyone who has the interest in teak furniture can contact me thru my blog@my FB...

~The Italian Design from Teak Furniture~   

 You won't regret it coz it's very cheap and a high quality product. Direct from warehouse and all the transportation cost will be borne by supplier.

~Simple 2 seater and console table~


~Classic and elegant queen bed~

Friday, May 20, 2011

White dOve...~~

                                                                          ~ TorontO ~
The best place to visit as it is full of futuristic architecture. I'm betting that everyone who visits this place will fall in love. Toronto is only take 2hours to US and Niagara Falls which the most unique creation from our Creator...

                                                                          ~ OttawA ~

Ottawa is the place where my lil'sis stay....Miss her damn much..!!! Ottawa, OntariO is the Canada's capital city. iT takes 6hours by train and 5hours driving from Toronto...such a lovelY scenery to enjOy for ever!!! Ottawa is full of hisToric building such as Parliment building and Chateau Laurier...

Next visit is i come!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Just simple like ABC...anyone can make'll give us new menu for hi-tea or party pack for any kind of occasion...Just follow the recipe and you'll experience how to make French Macaroons at your own...!! You gonna love it...!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

the revOlution...

Still waiting the time to pass its so much wOrk to be done...Can't wait to finish my degree and lOoking something challenging outside... So many things in my head to be realised as i'm quite adventurous and business minded person..(isn't it)..HAHAHHA....whatever.... I've to prepare for my final exam..(hope to be my last examination)..but unfortunately, not yet..coZ i'm feeling to further my studies...hehehee...somebody pls give me ideas to what cos should i enroll...